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  1. * Attorney Kate M. Zarro - With more than 10 years experience, Kate practices in a variety of legal areas, including residential real estate, small business, wills and estate planning, probate, juvenile law (and DCF), and small business. She is a trained and experienced mediator. In addition, she partners with other area firms to address any personal injury matters. Kate (Casagrande) Zarro graduated with honors with her juris doctor from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, Connecticut. She became a trained mediator in 2012 through Quinnipiac's Center on Dispute Resolution. She is a registered mediator with No Lawyers Allowed.
  2. * AREAS OF PRACTICE - Mediation: Mediation is a party-driven and effective process for resolving disputes either in lieu of or prior to full litigation. This process is private, less expensive than going to trial and is generally less adversarial. Attorney Zarro acts as a neutral mediator, working with parties to resolve their conflicts. By avoiding the win-lose impact of a court trial, mediation allows for collaboration, negotiation and often a settlement that involves some control by the parties.
  3. * Residential Real Estate - Whether you are buying or selling a home, or looking to refinance your current mortgage, our Firm is there to represent your needs and make sure you know your rights and obligations.
  4. * Estate Planning/Probate - Addressing our own mortality is not a subject that is easy to tackle, but it is necessary to ensure that our family and friends are not left with a mess after we are gone. Our Firm will spend the time to listen to your goals and help you achieve them through estate planning and organizing. We can also help when the time comes to address any estate matters in probate court.
  5. * Juvenile Law - Attorney Zarro has practiced in the area of Juvenile Law involved DCF since she was in law school. She worked through a contract with the state for more than 15 years and now handles matters privately. If you have DCF in your life and are being accused of the abuse or neglect of a child, it is important to have someone knowledgeable to contest the allegations made by the State and DCF.
  6. * Personal Injury/Malpractice - If you are injured, it is important to know you are in trusted hands. Our Firm works with trusted personal injury attorneys to address any personal injury or medical malpractice needs. We remain available to assist in any way we can, so you have additional support in your corner.
  7. * Small Business/General Practice - From time to time, clients have legal needs that go beyond our everyday areas of practice. If it is not an area our Firm works in, we will try to refer you to another attorney. Otherwise, we often work with clients to address matters that include small business formation, contract review, employment separation, non-profit matters, family matters and more.
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